Science workshops and shows

I can provide unique workshops designed by myself and linked to the Primary Science Curriculum . These are very popular in schools and as I am also a STEM Ambassador promoting science and technology this helps to enthuse children at a younger age towards science. I can offer these science and maths workshops in Primary Schools all over the UK have had many years experience in delivering these workshops and can offer the following main topics:

Forces / Sound / Light / Materials and their Properties /

Living Things - Plants & Numeracy.  All these are sub divided into other workshops - electricity / magnets / craft making toys connected to different topics etc.

The day of workshops could consist of seeing a number of classes of 30 pupils, each session lasting about 45 mins.

We have shows for each topic too. These are ideal for Science days / weeks etc. and are 45 mins. long and can be for the whole school. (KS1 or KS2 or both )  Information on School Clubs

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